What is a Televisit or Telehealth visit?

A Telehealth or Televisit appointment is a secure video call via high speed internet access so that patients can have medical care access without physically coming into the office. At Sarasota Arthritis Center we are utilizing Doxy.me.

You were given a Telehealth Appointment, Now What?

  • High speed internet needed – via home computer/laptop with camera or smartphone with camera. 
  • For Doxy.me to work the computer/smartphone should have Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari
  • We are not using the Patient Portal for Televisits
  • A receptionist will call you to initiate the check in process. 
  • They will verify your insurance and collect any copay or balances due for visit
  • A care team member will contact the patient and review the check-up process…
    • Doxy.me – see connection walkthrough process link below.
      • Link provided and connection ensured by care team member.
    • Care team member will review …
      • Medications 
      • Recent hospitalizations
      • Recent labs and imaging
  • After your check-up with the care team member is complete you will remain in the virtual waiting room for the provider until it is your turn for the visit. 

Please note that due to legislative changes post pandemic, patients must be in the state of Florida during their telehealth visits. We are unable to conduct Telehealth visits with patients outside of Florida at this time. 

  • The provider will click on your name in the virtual waiting room to initiate the visit.  They may communicate in the CHAT feature if they experience any issues with connection or link with next steps.
  • The patient care visit will follow the similar steps as an in office visit.  Once completed the provider will send in any new medications, refill medications and labs/imaging as needed. 

  • Our patient care coordinators will contact you after the telehealth visit to:
    • Schedule your follow-up appointment with your provider
    • Verify your address to mail any lab/medication/imaging orders and appointment confirmations to you, the patient.

Doxy.me Televisit connection procedure walkthrough

  1. At the appointment time a care team member will assist in ensuring you are able to connect to Doxy.me. You will have a link for your specific provider – example –  link https://doxy.me/drxyz
  2. Once you add this link on your internet browser it will connect you to Doxy.me and you will see this check in notification – please add your name.
  3. It will then instruct you to enable both video/camera and audio/microphone access from your computer/laptop or smartphone.
  4. This will then proceed to completing the check-in process. 
  5. Once checked in you will be in a televisit waiting room and your care team will have a notification that you are ready. Your provider may be seeing other patients but will start the visit once they are available.

If any technical issues with connection, the office staff will contact you for next best steps.

Access your provider's waiting room

For more information on doxy.me and its use in telehealth, please click on the link below. Additionally, you will be able to access your provider's doxy.me room for your scheduled telehealth appointment.

Why Choose Sarasota Arthritis Center?

When you visit a place to receive treatment, you want a place that not only helps your medical condition but also provides a friendly and safe environment.  We strive to be that place.

Additionally, all of our doctors are board-certified with years of experience and knowledge. We only use the best and latest therapies to ensure your success.